4 Hidden Self-Storage Fees to Avoid

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Business people gathered and consultingWith NH self-storage sites at every corner, customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, but not every unit or facility is created equal. Some storage companies line their contracts with hidden fees and fine print that causes you to pay more than advertised. To be sure that you are not being overcharged or charged unfairly, it is very important to be as informed as possible before signing up for a unit. Here are 4 common fees and fine print items to look out for when choosing a storage provider:

  • Rate Changes: Many storage facilities, especially large, nation-wide corporations, change their rates once customers are already locked into a contract. This means the $120 monthly rate that you agreed on upfront may turn into a $160 monthly commitment in a matter of months. To avoid a price increase, make sure you’re aware of this policy before signing!
  • Late Fees: You probably won’t find a facility that doesn’t charge late fees, but you should definitely make sure the late fee structure is fair and easy to understand. Also, make sure rent reminders are sent to you in a way you will receive them. For example, signing up for email notices if you rarely check your email may lead to a pile up of bills and late fees that you are unaware of.
  • Startup Fees: Be weary of administrative fees and changes that don’t really have an explanation. Asking for more than 1 month’s rent or the cost of a lock is probably a sneaky way for storage providers to nail a little more cash from you for no good reason.
  • Equipment Use Fees: While most facilities do charge for boxes and packing supplies, charging customers a fee for using dollies or flat carts is unnecessary and such equipment should be available for your convenience at no charge.

All of Store It Now’s locations have honest, easy-to-read contracts and we guarantee that the price you agree to at signing will never increase during the entire duration of your stay. Storage should be easy and stress free, and we’re happy to help you accommodate your storage needs at any time.

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4 Considerations For RV and Automobile Storage

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Boat storage in NH from Store It NowFor many people, Memorial Day marks the start of a summer and a few months filled with sunshine, camping and boating. As families across the region start breaking out their summer toys, the last thing on their minds is where they’ll store their land or watercrafts at the end of the summer season. You may be interested to know that some state laws prohibit storage of RVs and boats on lawns and car-parks, so finding an alternative may not only be convenient, but may also save you some legal trouble. To avoid costly fines and potential impounding, you may think about renting a storage unit at a facility made for large units like boats, trailers and RVs. Since everyone has different storage needs in mind when looking around for the right fit, here are 4 things to consider:

  1. Covered vs Uncovered Spots: The two main options when renting a sizable storage unit are simple – covered or uncovered. Depending on your preference and value of the item you are renting, you may want to look in to a covered parking spot. This will help keep your unit out of the harsh New England weather but will be more expensive than a traditional uncovered spot. Uncovered spots make sense for customers looking to store an item that can bear the weather and for those who don’t want to pay the premium for a covered spot.
  2. Electrical Hookups: Some covered parking spots come equipped with electrical hookups to accommodate customers storing RVs or electric cars. As stated before, covered parking is more expensive, but may be worth it in exchange for reliability and convenience.
  3. Property Access: How often do you plan on accessing your stored vehicle or trailer? If the answer is often, don’t forget to ask if the facility has 24-hour access, which means you’ll have unit access outside of the office hours.
  4. Security: No matter where you store your belongings, you want to make sure your items are safe and secure at all times. Try looking for a facility with a security system in place including a gate system and 24-hour surveillance cameras. Having the peace of mind is worth it.

Good luck with your storage search and have a fun-filled summer. As always, Store It Now is happy to discuss and address your storage needs at any time. Give us a call today!

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Spring is Here, Is Your Unit Prepared?

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Spring CleaningWell, it’s that time again. Time to pack up all the layers that kept us warm during the winter months and clear away layers of dust. As you begin the spring cleaning process, you may not think to give your storage unit a once over, but like your home, a storage unit is an important space that needs a little TLC a few times per year, too. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Make Space: Sweep out your unit and consolidate boxes. Full boxes are often sturdier and less likely to collapse or lean when stacked. Also, consider donating or selling what you don’t want anymore to make room for more items!
  • Do Routine Maintenance: With the change of seasons, now might be a good time to apply wood conditioner to furniture, launder clothes/ blankets or check that a vehicle is still working correctly.
  • Upgrade Storage Supplies: If you are storing for an extended period of time, you may want to consider metal shelving units, sturdier bins, or furniture blankets to protect belongings and allow for easier access throughout the year. You could also, install hooks or brackets for things like rakes, tools, bicycles and skis to keep them together and out of the way.
  • Spruce It Up: After everything is clean and organized, you may want to consider placing dryer sheets or lavender sachets between blankets or clothing to keep them fresh. You can also hang air fresheners and replace your moisture absorber to keep your space clean and dry.
  • Reward Yourself! Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunshine of spring!


Have you started spring cleaning your NH storage unit? Share your comments or tips below! 



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What’s The Weirdest Item You’ve Stored?

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At Store It Now, LLC  we allow you to store just about  anything in our facilities, but where do we draw the line?  You may be surprised at what we’ve been asked by tenants in the past, read on…

  • Your destructive dog, siblings or ex: Got a bad pet, sister or ex-boyfriend? Unfortunately, this is not the place to keep the little rascal for safe keepings. Although a small metal box with a lock may sound appealing, self storage facilities are not too keen on storing any living things. You’ll need to be a little more creative with these three!
  • Fireworks, firearms or explosive devices: Have a few leftover fireworks from last 4th of July? A storage unit may not be the best place to store these bundles of (explosive) joy. Units can get very hot in the summer and may cause an unexpected firework display when you least expect it. For your stored belongings and firework budget’s sake, please keep all explosives out of storage units and in a safe place.
  • Leftovers and groceries: Storage units make terrible refrigerators and pantries. Leaving any kind of food or beverage in a unit no only causes mold, but also invites swarms of furry friends. To avoid an awkward encounter next time you open your unit, you may want to leave your editables at home.

What is the strangest item you’ve ever stored in a self storage unit? Share your comments below! 


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Winter Storage Check In: Did Your Belongings Brave the Storm?

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Keep your stuff safe from treacherous winter weather

We all felt the impacts of last week’s winter storms in one way or another, but how can you be sure your belongings are safe in their storage unit? Though not obvious, the winter cold can threaten your items just as much as a warm day at the beach. Double-check your storage security with this handy checklist:

  • Insects and rodents damage: As the weather cools, critters look for a warm place to snuggle in. Fabric and food attract these furry creatures and make for a nice nesting spot and feeding ground. Keep your area tidy and free of food and maybe set a few rodent traps just in case.
  • Water damage: During the rainy fall and melting spring, water can seep into basements, garages, and attics, damaging boxes and their contents. Water causes mold and mildew which can irreversibly damage fabric, paper, and wood. Make sure your valuables are covered and sitting on pallets away from walls.
  • Snow and ice damage: Snow can accumulate on things like lawn furniture and equipment, causing rust on bolts, bike chains, and can dull or crack glossy finishes. Wrap your furniture in tarps or soft cloths and put them in a dry, covered unit to keep the snow off.
  • Salt and sand damage: Salt and sand spreads on driveways can corrode and scratch cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and RVs. Rather than leaving your toys in the harsh winter weather, store them in a special car storage unit or RV pad.

Storing your belongings does not have to be as unpredictable as the crazy New England weather we’ve all come to love. Take a few minutes this weekend to check on the stored item in your storage unit, garage, or basement. It may save you seasons worth of hassle in the spring. Good luck!

Did your belongings brave the storms? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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